Alumni Stories

Charles Boglitz

Blessed be our God!  Our Brother, Charles Boglitz, has been called to an everlasting dwelling place with the saints, in the 92nd year of his age and the 74th year of his religious profession.  He died on the 12th of October in Cupertino, California.  Let us thank God for the gift of his life; let us thank Mary our Mother for the gift of his perseverance.  Together, let us pray that he may rest in the peace of Christ.

Bro. Charles Boglitz
May He rest in God’s peace.

Bro. Charles came to St. John’s early in his career. He taught in our elementary school. Though he was physically challenged with a crippled leg, he was a great teacher. He loved to hear bout St. John’s. He maintained a subscription to the Brooklyn Tablet so that he might keep up with all that was happening with us. at Alumni meetings we are able to appreciate the influence he had in many resident’s lives. May God reward him for his goodness.