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Mario C. “Landy”

I want to thank all the guys at Jack’s hotel who are doing a great job at keeping the alumni and “Echoes of the Home” going. Now that you have a website it will make it easy to connect with long lost brothers.  I feel like my Bro. Joe is still writing his news and my Bro. Paul is always checking to make sure Joe is not betting on the ponies. This is an inside joke with Joe and Fr. Paul. I don’t know if any of the guys in the Fifth Div. Remember when we, the Fourth Div., whipped the heck out of them playing football. That was when Bro. Frank Springman was in charge of the 4th and Bro. Henry had the Fifth, back in the 40’s. 

Fr. Paul, thank you and also the members for their prayers while I was hospitalized. You can reach me at  keep in touch  Mario C. “Landy”

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