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Joseph Paul Zwintozeki

Hello, I thought I’d add to your Alumni Bulletin Board.  My uncle, Joseph Paul Zwintozeki passed away 09 Sept. 2001 in Alexandria, VA.  Burial was in the Quantico National Cemetery. He had served in the US Navy and was employed by several Federal Agencies throughout his career.

Joseph was a resident there from 10/29/1929 and left on 11/1/1935.  His parents, my grandparents, were Polish immigrants and both had passed away by about 1928.  Joseph was the youngest of three boys and I have to imagine that his brothers were having a very difficult time surviving on the streets of Brooklyn themselves.

My father was the oldest of the boys and I never knew Joseph or the middle brother, sad to say.  It’s only because of an attempt by me to outline a family tree in the last few years that I’ve learned a little about my family. From what I’ve seen so far, I’d have to say that Joseph was certainly the most successful of the three boys and I’m more than ready to attribute a portion of that success to St. John’s. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for caring for my uncle Joseph.

Very best regards,

Lea S. Head

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