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Mario Briceno

Students get paid for internship experience

NEW YORK — You probably know high school or college students who’ve done internships, but now have one that many young people find fascinating, playing video games.

Mario Briceno, a senior at the High School for Arts and Business in Queens has landed his ideal internship. “I’m an intern, but I’m working but it doesn’t really feel like a job. I’m just playing video games,” he said.

Scott Price is the mentor for Mario’s internship says interns are especially valuable when there’s a stumbling block in a game that’s in development. “We’ll try to bring everybody into it, and solve it and if they’ve played some game that we normally wouldn’t see, that may be the perfect solution,” he said.

Mario’s internship is one of about 50 sponsored by the non-profit center for arts education. Its career development program places high schoolers in arts-related businesses throughout the city, including broadcasting, Music, Theatre and more.

“It again opens their eyes to many career opportunities that are available. They may have been interesting in marketing, but through the program they learned there’s marketing opportunities in fashion or in architecture,” said Kellie Burton with the Center of Arts Education.

Interns earn about $35 a week. But they learn that arts-related businesses in the city are a $13 billion a year industry.

You can go to online to check out the video featuring Mario.

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